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Protect your family from unexpected storms, tornadoes, and natural disasters. We make and install quality safe rooms for both residential and industrial use. We also design and build custom safe room doors. Most concrete safe rooms usually have a less then adequate door and that's when we get the call to come out and build Twister safe quality door.

Why Choose Us?

Our business is located in a tornado alley near Joplin, MO, and has been in business since 2004.

We are a premier safe room manufacturer setting the standard for protecting many lives during EF5 rated storms.

Twister Safe makes it easy and affordable to install proven storm and tornado safety rooms in new or existing construction. We have doing safe rooms and been in the steel industry for many years.

We build and install custom safe rooms and custom built safe room doors for your existing or new concrete safe room or basements. Each one of our hand built safe rooms will meet your needs and will be the strongest possible that you can find.



Pricing and Sizing

We offer lifetime warranties and free estimates on all products sold. In addition, our residential customers often ask us how our safe rooms are anchored down.

All prices include taxes and installation:


  • Basic Storm Shelter= 4’ x 4’ x 6’4” - $ 4200 
  • Basic Storm Shelter= 5’ x 4’ x 6’4” - $ 4500 
  • Basic Storm Shelter= 4’ x 6’ x 6’4” - $ 4938
  • Basic Storm Shelter= 5’ x 6’ x 6’4” - $ 5600
  • Basic Storm Shelter= 5' x 8' x 6'4" - $ 6000
  • Basic Storm Shelter= 6' x 8' x 6'4"-  $ 6800 add 200.00 for extra heavy duty equipment to install.
  • Custom sizes are always available.
  • Custom Doors for shelters                $2,500
  • Inswing doors add                           $ 250.00
  • safety escape door                          $250.00
  • Multiple unit discounts are always available.

*Delivery charge may apply 2.50 dollars per mile from Neosho

{Safe rooms going outside in the weather will be charged and additional fee of 200.00

for all sizes up to our 6x8 safe room. larger units for residential will be quoted at point of sale.

This will make the 100% water proof and with out this added protection the lifetime warranty will be void}

Our response?

Answering Your Most Common Questions:

Most safe rooms use bolted panels, and we weld safe rooms from solid sheets of steel, making ours stronger than ever before. With no joints and seams, they're also watertight.

The outward swing door is the strongest choice! The storm shelters are furthermore handicap accessible, and can be custom built to your existing needs. This includes matching to the paint color of your choice.

Other Features:

  • Heavy gauge steel with 2 inch structural tubing in walls, flooring, and roofing, making our safe room the strongest on the market.
  • Lights, fans, and electrical elements can be installed during construction.
  • Medeco dead bolts can be added at the time of order to ensure that you can lock your safe room if you want to store valuables.
  • Only twister safe can add an escape hatch to get out if the door were blocked.
  • Twister safe has a patented release mechanism on top of the safe room in event of an emergency. Our door has a full 36 inch opening.
  • Twister safe has larger vents than any of our competitors, and we use only high strength epoxy anchors. Our bolt pads are1/2 inch thick!
  • We have a stainless-steel pin that keeps the door locked during a storm. It is locked from the inside, so it can also be used as a panic room.
  • We use 4 solid steel 5/8 inch locking pins that move at one time when a single door handle is turned.
  • Need more reasons to invest in a panic room? Twister safe can be moved in the event you sell your home and want to take it with you!

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